StartupGiraffe designs and builds mobile, embedded and web products.


We help you define and prioritize product features to achieve business goals.


You set the vision; we work together to mockup and design a simple, beautiful product.


Over several weeks, we build your product with your continuous feedback.

Our Approach 01.User Experience 02.Design 03.Code 04.Review

Not long ago, launching a successful product took a lot: A lot of money, a lot of people, and a lot of time. Nowadays, we have better technologies that allow us to build applications for the web and mobile phones much faster. Despite these advances, it's not uncommon to see startups spend over a year without ever releasing anything. Some get "feature-itis", others have difficulty recruiting technical talent, others are ashamed to release something that doesn't live up to their expectations. We founded StartupGiraffe to help entrepreneurs filter their ideas into viable products and then bring those products to market quickly.

Unlike traditional development shops, we don't just accept product requirements and crank out code (we do crank out code, but that comes later!). Instead, our process begins with product strategy, user stories, user experience testing, and interviews. This initial phase gives everyone more insight into what specific problems exist in the market and how best to address them. From here, we work with entrepreneurs to prioritize product features.

Once we've come up with a clear set of objectives, our experienced UI team starts building mockups and sending them to clients for review. After many rounds of revisions, we move onto the graphic design phase, wherein our wonderful design partners translate the entrepreneur's aesthetic vision into an attractive interface. A few rounds of design iteration later, we are ready to begin development.

With designs in hand, we can build an application rapidly. Our development process leverages the knowledge and libraries we've built over the course of launching dozens startups. This allows us to easily incorporate key features while spending more time on whatever technical complexities your project presents. During the build, we meet regularly with entrepreneurs to demonstrate our progress, get feedback and make changes.

We devote time after each project to quality assurance testing (making sure everything works as it should and fixing bugs).

PROJECTS    Speedlist



Millions of cars. Thousands of sites. One solution.

"Speedlist is the best way to find and buy cars online."
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Find Great Local Help To Launch Your Food Startup

"We are a platform for the ideas and companies that are changing the food system."
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Wedding Registry & Gifts

StartupGiraffe implemented Zola's frontend (user-facing) responsive web development.
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The world’s most advanced electric motorcycle

"Startup Giraffe represented one of the most significant aspects of our go-to-market strategy, and our business plan. Yet, somehow, they have consistently been the least responsible for stress, problems, or delays. This has resulted in an engagement strategy to hire them as much as possible. They're fun to work with, professional, patient, and the quality of their work repeatedly evokes awe--and we are not ones to make such statements easily. They also de-risk our overall success, frankly I cannot think of a better development & strategic partner. " —Mark Seeger, President and Chairman
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Furnished, Short Term Housing

"The World's Largest Corporate Housing Marketplace."
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Connecting Designers, Editors and Stylists

"Working with Startup Giraffe was one of the most exciting and gratifying experiences -- seeing our vision come to life. The team is razor sharp, responsive, unnervingly talented, and fun to work with. Given their expertise in Ruby on Rails, they were proactive about advising us on important scalability, testing, and architecture issues. These guys are total pros and are at the top of their game in terms of their ability to identify opportunities, develop, and execute. We are constantly referring them to everyone we know." —Mandy Tang and Meggan Crum, Founders
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Make Everyday Black Friday

Startup Giraffe did and excellent job on my site. The final product they created exceeded my expectations. The most common comment I get from users is "You have a beautiful site". The giraffes are great to work with. They are very responsive, knowledgeable and professional. I plan on using Statup Giraffe for any needs I have in the future and I highly recommend them. —Sean Armstrong, Founder
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Our Team

We're a small team of developers that love to make products. We also like watching the nature channel and making animal noises.


Amit, who has a remarkable collection of t-shirts, has been managing software teams and designing products for the past 8 years. A computer science major back in college, he is also a skilled developer who cranks out code for Startup Giraffes. A noted Hindi poet (by at least 5 people), Amit also enjoys playing basketball and teaching his new dog old tricks.


Johnny, who is sometimes mistaken for Waldo, is the Chief Technical Architect of the Startup Giraffes. He has been developing products for over a decade, including customer web portals, corporate intranets and web content management systems for a broad range of clients from small non profits and hospitals to fortune 100 pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and financial services companies. He is fluent in Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, a bunch of other languages, and Pig Latin.


A one-time intramural sports champion, Will gave up his aspirations to become a professional baseball player to build products with the giraffes. He is now a front-end developer, copywriter, and UI designer with the Startup Giraffes. In his spare time, he tries to pull himself away from the computer but often fails.


Our newest giraffe Ross is a dynamite backend developer with a thing for manipulating big data in cool ways.  With experience in Ruby on Rails, C, Assembly and a bunch of other languages that are completely foreign to most people, he could probably write an old Nintendo game if he wanted to (he doesn’t want to).  In his spare time, Ross plays drums, guitar and bass (not at the same time… yet) and hacks on various awesome side projects.  He’s also a killer snowboarder, brah.

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