As soon as I have a little time will play the rice

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A new set of laws in Albania empowers a government agency to review citizen complaints about online news websites. If a site is found to have published untrue information, official regulators can fine the site’s owners and demand that they issue retractions. Informally called the “anti defamation package,” the laws followed a year of heated public and legislative debate about how to create rules that would limit the spread of disinformation campaigns..

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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the foundations of the world order. It has taught the global leadership that there is no alternative to mutual coexistence, or in the words of Thomas Freidman, world has become even flatter Globalisation will undergo a radical redesign. Countries will beef up their home grown manufacturing capabilities for and services of essential nature while, at the same time, also try and find substitute locations as a buffer for their existing supply chains..

The Redmi Note 9 Pro Max is offered in three colour variants: Glacier White, Interstellar Black, and Aurora Blue. We have the Interstellar Black colour variant with us and it looks blue when light strikes it. The rear panel of the smartphone is super glossy and picks up smudges very easily.

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